5 Things That Help With Rosacea

5 Tips to Help With Rosacea

Have you ever heard of Rosacea? It’s a chronic skin condition that affects over 400 million people around the world. Characterised by redness, heat and itchiness it generally affects the facial area but can affect other parts of the body too. Contrary to popular belief Rosacea affects both men and women, although it is often seen as a female condition. It presents differently in males and females with predominance over the cheek and chin area for women and the nose area for men. Either way it’s a troublesome condition and whilst there is no cure, there are many things you can do to ease your symptoms.

1. Keep your skin hydrated

Dryness is the enemy of Rosacea, so you need to make sure that you don’t use harsh products or let your skin become too dry. This can seem counter-intuitive as the last thing you want to do with inflamed skin is put products on it, but skin dryness will only exacerbate your Rosacea. Avoid products that have drying agents in such as alcohol and witch hazel and definitely leave Toner out of your skincare regime.

2. Use warm water

Don’t be tempted to use hot water on your face ever! Warm or tepid water is best as it has less of a drying effect on your skin and as per point 1 of this post, dryness is not good for Rosace! Avoid those hot towel skincare routines and stick to a gentle cleanser with warm water. The same goes for the rest of your body, so turn down the temperature on your daily shower.

3. Choose skincare and makeup carefully

There are lots of triggers to Rosacea and some depend on the individual. One thing that is for sure, is that you need to keep your skincare and makeup choices simple. Choose natural products with simple ingredients, avoiding any kind of astringent as mentioned in point 1. A good quality moisturiser is a must, but take time to read the ingredients to ensure that it won’t make your condition worse. There are plenty of natural hypoallergenic makeup choices available on the market, so finding a new foundation, mascara or lipstick shouldn’t be too difficult.

4. Use sunscreen

Of course, even if you aren’t a Rosacea sufferer you should never go outside without wearing a good quality sunscreen. However, if you are prone to this skin condition, a sunscreen is an absolute necessity. Sunlight is a major trigger to Rosacea causing flare ups upon exposure to its rays. It is recommended that you wear a sunscreen every day, even if the sun isn’t shining.

5. Minimise stress

Stress is responsible for many ailments, so it’s no surprise that it can have an adverse effect on Rosacea. Learning to relax is key to managing your symptoms and avoiding flare ups. Easy ways to reduce your stress levels include meditation techniques, gentle exercise like swimming or yoga or practising deep breathing.

If you use a combination of these tips, you will find your Rosacea easier to control. If you are looking for a range of natural, simple skincare why not check out our Artesana skincare range, many of our products are gentle enough to use and manage Rosacea.


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