Five Things that are Harmful to Your Skin

Five Things that are Harmful to Your Skin

You can read many blog posts which recommend all the good things that you can do for your skin, but what about the harmful stuff? We’ve done a round-up what we think you should avoid to maintain youthful looking, healthy skin.

1. Too much sun

The fact is that too much sun can damage your skin, check out the blog posts we have written about this in the past (insert links to blog posts about suncare here). It can be tempting to go out in the sunshine on a beautiful sunny day, but you should never go out without your sunscreen. Did you know that you should even put a thin layer of sunscreen on during the winter too? Yes, even the winter sun rays can be harmful. Too much sun can wreak havoc with your skin and cause premature aging, damage to the skin layer and wrinkles and age spots. For further information, check out our earlier blog posts.

2. Smoking

Many of us are aware of the dangers of smoking, but there is still some confusion about how smoking might affect your skin. Cigarettes are full of chemicals, but in particular, two main chemicals can cause the most damage to overall condition of your skin. Nicotine reduces the flow of blood to your skin which leaves it looking dry and dull. In addition, carbon monoxide replaces oxygen which will accelerate the aging process and leave your skin starved of valuable nutrients. So, if you do smoke, it’s time to cut it out for the sake of your face!

3. Dehydration

Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, is good for our all-round health and skin needs hydration to look at its best. The experts are undecided on the optimum level of hydration we should aspire to, but the general consensus is that we should be aiming for 8 glasses of water a day. If we don’t hydrate ourselves, our skin will become dry and flaky. We will become more prone to wrinkles and skin will look less dewy. Believe it or not, water in your body gives your skin a healthy, moist look which is crucial for the appearance of younger looking, well-maintained skin.

4. Neglecting your cleansing regime

We are not talking about the very occasional night of forgetting to remove your makeup, but a continuous lack of cleansing regime which will leave your skin vulnerable to irritation and even infection. Cleaning your skin on a regular basis is important because it means that you remove makeup, grime and oil leaving your skin clean and hygienic. Without cleansing, all of these substances build up on your skin, leading to breakouts, oiliness, dullness and even irritation such as redness and itchiness. A consistent skincare regime is a must and you should treat your facial skin with the same level of respect that you would the rest of your body.

5. Harsh Products

Not cleansing thoroughly is bad for your skin, but so is using ultra strong facial cleansing products. Harsh ingredients are more likely to be found in commercially produced skincare and will dry your skin out, cause irritation and redness. In the worst cases this can lead to inflammation with itchiness and bleeding. Signs that product ingredients are too harsh for you include the presence of strong fragrances, a tight, uncomfortable feeling after use, and redness. If you want to use gentler products for your skin, natural organic skincare is the best choice, with soothing herbal ingredients and mild natural fragrances, you are less likely to suffer inflammation and irritation in your quest for youthful, smooth looking skin.

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