How to Winterproof your Skin

How to Winterproof your Skin

As the seasons change, then along with your wardrobe, you also need to make some subtle changes to your skincare regime. How do you make the transition from the warmer months to the coldest time of the year?

If there is a word you need to remember during this time, it is moisturize. The greatest battle during the cooler months avoiding your skin drying out. Winter skin can feel tight, dry and red and that is definitely not the look we are going for!

Why does skin dry out so much? The colder weather has less moisture and the reduction in humidity affects your skin. Obviously, this depends on where in the world you are, but most climates experience cooler weather at some point.

The first thing you need to address is the symptoms of dry skin which include flakiness, redness and irritation. The best way to do this is to use a gentle exfoliator once a week. Exfoliation will remove all of your dry skin cells and keep your skin in tiptop condition. It stops your skin looking grey and dull and gives it a healthy glow to replace that sun-kissed look of the summer.

On a daily basis, you will need to increase the richness of your moisturizer, just like you switch to a lighter moisturizing cream in the summer, you need to switch back to a richer one in the winter. A good quality heavy duty moisturiser is crucial in the battle against the drying effects of the elements. To complement this, you might like to use a moisturizing face mask once a week to help balance your skin during these months.

In addition to your face, there are two key areas that you will need to concentrate on and they are your lips and your hands (we are assuming that you are using a good rich body moisturizer after showers and baths). Alongside your facial skin, these are two parts of the body which will be exposed to the weather on a frequent basis.

Lips dry out incredibly during the winter months, this is in part due to the outside weather, but can also occur as a result of central heating indoors which can have a drying effect. To keep your lips moist you can use a tiny amount of exfoliator on them when you do your full face exfoliation. In addition, a good lip balm or two is something you need to invest in. Keep one in your handbag and one at home or the office to make sure your lips are kept soft and supple at all times.

Hands can become dry and chapped during cold days. Always try and wear gloves when you go out in winter, apart from preserving the heat in your body, they also help to protect your hands from biting winds. Using a good quality hand cream is an absolute must during this time. Every time you wash your hands, use your hand-cream and also apply liberally during the day when you feel your hands dry out.

Even though the weather has turned cold, this doesn’t mean the end of sunny days, so don’t put that sunscreen away just yet. Skincare experts say that we should wear sunscreen all year round, so pop a thin layer over your moisturiser on cool sunny days. Even though it may be cold outside, the sun can still damage your skin.

Alongside these changes to your skincare routine, try and avoid extremes of temperature. Setting the heating on too high can be damaging and drying to your skin, so turn the thermostat down a little. Don’t be tempted to increase the temperature of bath and shower water as it doesn’t matter what the time of year is, hot water is never not good for your skin.

We hope that these tips have given you some inspiration for reviewing your seasonal skincare routines. To help you out, here is a selection of Artesana Skincare products which are just perfect for your winterproofing regime:

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