3 Common Myths About Acne

3 Common Myths About Acne

If you have already read our recent blog post about Acne (insert link to first Acne blog post) then you will now understand what acne is and what the causes are. Whilst researching this post, we realised that there were a lot of popular misconceptions about what actually causes acne, so we thought we would clear up some of the myths about acne and what causes it. Just to recap, acne is a skin condition which is characterized with spots, boils and irritation. It can occur on the face, neck, back and chest.


Here are some things that don’t actually cause Acne, although there are many people who believe they do!


Doctors and dermatologists have been unable to find any links whatsoever with diet, although it is common for people to assume that those with issues with their skin have an unhealthy lifestyle. Perhaps part of this myth arises because acne is common in teenagers, who are often perceived to have an unhealthy obsession with the wrong foods, like junk food and fizzy soda. Acne in teenagers is caused in the main by the male hormone Testosterone, so it’s unlikely that burgers, chocolate and chips are making their skin greasy and prone to spots. That said, as with anything it makes more sense to concentrate on eating healthy food such as vegetables, fruit and proteins for as much of your daily diet as you can. You should try to keep fats and sugars to the occasional treat. Whilst a healthy diet won’t necessarily improve your acne, it will help you to maintain optimum fitness and will improve the look of your skin in general, making you feel energised and full of confidence!

Get in the sun

It used to be the case that doctors would advise people with acne to get out in the sunshine more. It was assumed that the sun would automatically dry up the excess oil that causes acne. This advice has changed as it seems that the sun doesn’t have any real benefit for acne sufferers. Exposing your skin to the sun for extended periods of time means that your skin will age before it’s time and develop wrinkles. More importantly spending too much time in the sun will put you at risk of skin cancer. It goes without saying that sun beds should also be avoided.

Poor Hygiene

Another popular misconception is that problems with skin are caused by poor hygiene and lack of an efficient skincare routine. Whilst some skin issues are probably caused by ineffective hygiene, acne isn’t one of them. For many acne sufferers the first impulse is to cleanse the skin and apply a multitude of lotions and potions in an eradicate spots and blemishes. Often this may do more harm than good as some skincare products are just too harsh for acne prone skin. Constant cleansing and toning of skin can have the opposite effect and actually cause the skin to increase its production of sebum (which is one of the main causes of acne) and can cause more irritation. The best way to treat skin with acne is to use products that have been specially created to soothe and calm skin whilst keeping it cleansed and as fresh as possible!

At Artesana we believe in gentle, natural skincare and we have developed a number of products that are perfect for acne-prone skin.

Anti-Acne Moisturizing Mask

It might seem unusual to suggest moisturizing skin that is already greasy, but it’s important to keep your skin well-nourished and that is exactly what this mask does. We’ve taken Tea Tree hydrosol, Vitamin B5, green tea extract and a whole host of essential oils to create a mask that will leave your skin glowing, yet lovingly nourished.

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African Natural Black Soap

Many people extol the virtues of black soap, so if you haven’t tried it, you should definitely find out what it can do for your skin. An unusual looking soap, it’s made from dried plantain leaves, palm leaves, cocoa pod powder and kernel oil which means it’s bursting with a whole range of vitamins and goodness for your skin. Just lather up and use, its unique composition means that its delicate enough for your acne prone skin.

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