Ingredient of the Month: Aloe Vera

Ingredient of the Month: Aloe Vera

Welcome to our monthly look at a natural ingredient, this month we have chosen Aloe Vera which is probably one of the most well-known natural ingredients, particularly when it comes to skincare.

Aloe Vera is a spiky green succulent which looks a bit like a cactus, originating in Arabia, it is now cultivated in wild tropical climes around the world. There are now over 400 different species of Aloe Vera, and its common usage is as a nutritional supplement for various digestive issues, and as a topical cream for your skin. The most important component of Aloe Vera is found in its leaves and it is a sticky translucent gel which can be used raw on bare skin, but is also perfect for blending into a range of creams, potions and lotions.

Why is Aloe Vera so popular in skincare?

Aloe Vera is a jelly like substance that is packed with goodness. It has a variety of amino acids and also includes important vitamins such as C and E and beta-carotene. One of the most significant things about Aloe Vera is that it is bursting with water, around 96%, which explains why it is so good at replenishing and hydrating your dry skin. Dry skin is the number one enemy of anti-aging, so any product that encourages hydration is crucial for those of us who wish to retain our youthful glow! It is also believed to increase the production of collagen which is all important in maintaining the elasticity of our skin as we age.

Aloe Vera is also known for its healing properties, it is antiviral and antibacterial which makes it suitable for cleaning and disinfecting wounds and also soothing burns, notably sunburn. These same properties also mean it is effective in reducing inflammation and redness caused by acne and similar skin conditions.

At Artesana we use Aloe Vera in a number of our skincare products, we have chosen to highlight two facial products which can help you reap the benefits of this super ingredient for your skin.

Our Lightening Peptides Gel Mask has been specifically created to improve the texture and tone of your skin. It can also reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation giving your skin a radiant, youthful look.

As well as Aloe Vera, this gel mask has a host of nurturing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Lightening Peptide and Vitamins B5, B3 and K.

Just apply this mask after cleansing and leave on for 20 minutes, rinse thoroughly and enjoy your fully replenished glowing skin.

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Another product with Aloe Vera as a key ingredient is our Aloe Vera Anti-Acne Moisturizing Mask. If you have had problems with your skin, the last thing you might want to do is use more products for fear of exacerbating the problem. This is a gentle moisturizing mask that will soothe acne prone skin and help to reduce inflammation and redness. Aloe Vera has long been a popular treatment for acne and we have combined it with other soothing ingredients such as Tea Tree Hydrosol, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B5 to create a mask that will leave your skin feeling calm and hydrated.

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Hopefully this has been a useful introduction to the remarkable properties of Aloe Vera, why not try it out for yourself?

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