Natural Ingredient of the Month

Rose: Natural Ingredient of the Month

If you are familiar with our products you will notice that we use rose quite a lot in our preparations. Aside from being a beautiful flower, it might surprise you to know that roses have a range of properties that are beneficial for your skin.

Why Rose?

There are many types of roses, but the most popular one used in skincare products is the Rosa Damascena also known as the Damascene Rose, Damask Rose or Rose Otto which originated in Bulgaria.

Typically rose essential oil is created by extraction using steam distillation techniques. To produce a sufficient level of oil, a large number of rose petals must be used, making rose essential oil one of the more expensive oils to produce. Luckily because of its potent qualities, only a small amount of oil is required. Another way to use rose is to produce a rose hydrosol and you can find out more about the benefits of hydrosols by reading our blog post (insert link to What are Hydrosols?)

There are a number of reasons why skincare creators turn to rose as a staple natural ingredient in their products. Aside from the fact that it has a beautiful fragrance (and you know that we love a natural scent at Artesana!) it also contains a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Rose oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and also has anti-bacterial properties. This explains why you will often find rose as a natural ingredient in skincare for acne, rosacea and skin complaints that cause irritation such as rashes and allergies. Rose oil has great moisturizing qualities so this makes it an effective skin cream to combat dryness and increase the suppleness of your skin. And as you know supple, hydrated skin will always look younger!

We use rose in a number of products and two that we would like to highlight in this blog post are our Rose Anti-Age Moisturizing Mask and our Rose Night Cream.

Rose Anti-Age Moisturizing Mask

With rose hydrosol taking pride of place as a main ingredient, you can’t miss the beautiful scent of rose petals as you cover your face with this luxurious mask. We have added further ingredients to ensure that this is a sumptuous experience for your skin, including green tea, gingko biloba, Aloe Vera and a variety of complementary essential oils.

Used regularly this mask will promote softer, hydrated skin and will help to balance skin tone, minimize freckles and help you work towards more youthful looking skin. It’s so gentle you can use it daily if you wish and we think it makes a fabulous overnight sleeping mask.

To purchase from our website, just follow the link below:

Rose Night Cream

We have managed to cram a lot of rose power into our Rose Night Cream, with rose hydrosol, rose essential oil and rosehip oil all playing their part in this skincare treat. Apply before bed, after your night-time cleansing routine, and let the wistful fragrance of roses send you off into a relaxing sleep. Whilst you dream peacefully, this cream works its magic, by balancing out hormones, stimulating your circulation and improving the texture of your skin. You will wake refreshed each day, with the knowledge that your skin has been taken care of, and will be fresher and more youthful looking with each passing day.

To purchase your very own Rose Night Cream, just click on this link:

So that’s a little introduction into the wonderful properties of roses, why not try one of our products and find out for yourself just how versatile roses are?!

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