5 Natural Skincare Products for Babies and Young Children

5 Natural Skincare Products for Babies and Young Children By Artesana

Young skin is so precious and delicate, and as a parent you want to ensure that you use the very best products for your little ones. The best skincare for babies and young children should be natural products which use organic plant-based ingredients. You can then be certain that your kids aren’t exposed to chemical, processed products which could cause irritation and allergies. It makes sense to use natural products for all of the family, and that’s why we’ve created a range of skincare that can be used by everyone, no matter how young.

We’ve selected some of our skincare creations to introduce you to natural organic skincare for your children

1. The Amazing Salves

You might not know this, but our Artesana journey began with the creation of Amazing Salves and it still remains one of our most popular products. Artesana was inspired to create a healing salve to help a young baby with eczema. The combination of ingredients gave incredible relief to the baby and our Amazing Salves was born.

The beauty of Amazing Salves is that it is suitable for a number of skin issues, and aside from providing eczema relief, it is also effective for irritation caused by allergies, insect bites, and dry and cracked lips. This plant-based combination features an inspired selection of naturally sourced ingredients including Calendula, Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and Camellia oils combined with organic golden Shea butter and pharmaceutical-grade beeswax. You can use it as a balm or a barrier agent, and a little goes a long way. It’s the perfect family salve to keep at home or take with you, and can be used by all members of the family.

To find out more and purchase our Amazing Salves, follow this link:


2. Kids and Junior Moisturizing Lotion

Just like adult skin, children’s skin needs to be kept hydrated. It seems to be a habit that we maintain as our children are young babies, but as they grow, we stop using creams and lotions after bath-time. Our Kids and Junior Moisturizing Lotion is perfect for all skin types from normal skin to sensitive and dry skin. To create this 100% organic natural product, we’ve selected some of the best plant-based ingredients including Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond oil, Elderberry and Aloe extract to create a deeply calming, moisturizing cream which will soothe even the most dry and irritated skin. Keep your child’s skin soft and supple with this lotion, by using daily after bathing and washing.

To keep your children’s skin super soft, you can purchase our Kids and Junior Moisturizing Lotion by following this link:


3. All Natural Baby Bath Oil

Whilst bathing your baby you might find it more convenient to use a baby bath oil. With this in mind, we have created our own blend which has no surfactants making it suitable for babies and adults alike.

Made simply with sweet Almond oil, Calendula oil, Wheatgerm oil, Vitamin E and Tamanu oil, this bath oil is versatile as it’s not just for bath, but can also be used as a massage oil. It is 100% natural and organic meaning that it is fabulous for your baby and their skin. You can add it to your baby’s bath and/or apply it to their wet skin after bathing to seal in moisture. Massage has been proven to be beneficial for babies, and this makes a suitable oil to enable you to soothe away their cares and hopefully encourage a peaceful night’s sleep for them and for you!

Keep baby clean and soothed with our All Natural Baby Bath Oil and purchase it by following this link:


4. Baby Toddler Head to Toe Foam Wash

Babies and small children need to be bathed and washed on a regular basis. Particularly once they start to move around, they tend to get a little dirty whilst exploring the world around them! Bathing them every day could lead to dry skin, which is why you need a body-wash that is gentle on young skin.

We have created our Baby Toddler Head to Toe Foam Wash with 100% all natural ingredients. We have eliminated surfactants and chemicals and just left the ingredients that nature created. These include organic Castile soap, Aloe extract, Calendula oil and sweet Almond oil.

A gentle scrub with our foam wash will leave your child feeling cleansed, but retaining that gorgeous soft skin which makes them so snuggly! Follow the link below to purchase:


5. Organic Repellent and Sun Lotion

When you spend time outdoors the last thing you want is your children to be bothered with insects, and of course the damaging rays of the sun. Rather than carry two bottles around with you, we have combined an effective sun lotion with added organic insect repellent to protect your child’s skin. We only use natural ingredients in our skincare and so you won’t find any DEET or chemicals in our ingredients list.

Our lotion will repel mosquitos, ticks, gnats and flies, and also acts as after bite relief to remove irritation and itchiness. Sunscreen is also taken care of with this one-stop lotion, and providing you apply on a regular basis your child’s skin will be protected thanks to the natural ingredients which include Shea butter, Apricot oil, Neem oil, Vitamin E, Citronella and Aloe extract.

This lotion means that the whole family can enjoy time outside in the sunshine without having to worry about insect bites and sunburn. You have the added piece of mind that this lotion won’t do any harm to your child’s skin too.

For peace of mind, purchase your Organic Repellent and Sun Lotion by following this link:


This is just a small snapshot of our range of natural, organic skincare products. You can check out the whole skincare line by going to our website at:


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