Let’s Talk about Vitamin Boosted Skincare

As part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle it’s important to get our optimum intake of vitamins, but did you know that you can not only eat your vitamins, you can wear them too? The benefits of vitamin boosted skincare have been known for many years and in this blog post we are going to share the best vitamins to use topically and explain why you should be using them too!

Vitamin A

Any product with Retinol in its formulation has Vitamin A amongst its ingredients, so you may have already been using Vitamin A without realising it!

Retinol is often found in anti-aging products and the reason for this is because Vitamin A is your anti-aging guardian angel; its particular superpowers are reducing the effect of wrinkles, brown spots and pigmentation. Retinol is also the Queen of healthy skin cell production, strengthening skin and increasing the production of collagen. Using products with Vitamin A means that you should see animprovement in the overall condition of your skin, it should appear smoother and clearer, which in turn means you’ll look younger!

Before you get carried away you do have to exercise some caution with the use of products containing Retinol especially if you have dry or sensitive skin as it can exacerbate these conditions. As Retinol it can increase sensitivity to sunlight, make sure you remain diligent with your sunscreen!

Good for:

- Making skin appear smoother and wrinkles less prominent

- Reducing hyperpigmentation and age spots

- Smoothing out skin roughness

B Vitamins

B vitamins are crucial for our overall health and they are often the ones that we seem to be deficient in. Vitamin B3 and B5 are particularly beneficial for your skin and feature in many skincare products on the market.

B3’s secret superpower is to combat redness. As we age our skin can change tone dramatically and many of us suffer from unwanted redness or even Rosacea. Products containing Vitamin B3 help to improve your epidermal lipid barrier, that outer layer of your skin that is so important. By doing so, this decreases the effects of external influences such as pollution and heat which can cause redness in your skin.

B3 also decreases excess oil production in skin, this doesn’t mean that it makes your skin drier though, it means that you will be less prone to spots and breakouts, now that would be a bonus for many of us, wouldn’t it?

Good for:

- Reducing skin redness

- Reducing oil related breakouts and spots

Vitamin B5 is the ultimate in hydration, its deep moisturizing properties mean that it is a key ingredient in many age repair and anti-aging products. If you are looking for it, it may appear on an ingredients list as Pantothenic Acid or Panthenol. In addition to its hydrating properties, Vitamin B5 is an anti-inflammatory so if you suffer from conditions like acne and eczema then a product containing this wonder vitamin is a must-buy!

Good for:

- Deep moisturizing

- Reducing inflammation caused by conditions such as acne and eczema

Vitamin E

You will probably be familiar with products that have Vitamin E as a main component. What makes this vitamin so popular is that it provides some protection against the sun, it also has anti-inflammatory properties and may help with wound healing. Vitamin E works well with human skin and is absorbed efficiently, making it the ideal choice for moisturizing products. Vitamin E works, by fighting free radicals, those pesky enemies of younger looking skin! This in turn leads to a reduction in wrinkles and smoother looking skin.

Whilst there isn’t a great deal of supporting medical evidence, some people believe that Vitamin E is particularly useful for healing wounds and preventing scarring. This stands to reason given its moisturizing qualities which can improve the look of skin that has been damaged in any way.

Good for:

- Treating dry skin to a total moisture pamper

- Restoring and replenishing sun-damaged skin

- Smoother skin and lessened appearance of wrinkles

This is just a brief introduction into the benefits of vitamin boosted skincare and you might like to investigate the benefits of Vitamin C and Vitamin K too, they have additional benefits which may help with your quest for beautiful skin.

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