How to Wash Your Hair Like an Expert

How to Wash Your Hair Like an Expert

Washing your hair is something that you do on a regular basis, so why would you need to read a blog post telling you how to do it properly? Many of us are not actually washing our hair correctly, so at Artesana we thought that it would be timely to produce a post giving you some hair-care hacks.

You will need:

A brush or comb

Quality hair products


1. The best place to wash your hair is in the shower. Although you might be tempted to wash your hair in the bath, it doesn’t get your hair completely clean as you have the residue of other products like soap and shower gel floating around in the bath. The force of a good shower will help to cleanse your hair and remove all products.

2. Give your hair a good brush or comb first. This will help to get rid of any knots and also stimulates the scalp.

3. Wet your hair thoroughly. Try to ensure that the water is not too hot, as any form of heat can be bad for your hair (not just hairdryers and straighteners).

4. For your first shampoo, take a small coin-sized portion of product, you don’t need too much. Rub into your hair concentrating around the hairline and the nape of your neck. Rinse out thoroughly.

5. Your second shampoo is where the real cleansing work gets done! Use another small blob of shampoo and this time concentrate on the scalp area. Give your scalp a really good massage to cleanse your whole head and get rid of all dirt and dust.

6. Rinse your hair thoroughly and then squeeze out as much water as possible before applying conditioner. If your hair is too wet this will dilute the effectiveness of your product. Again, use a small amount of conditioner and just concentrate on the ends, you don’t need conditioner on your scalp and roots as this will make your hair greasy.

7. Give your hair a very good rinse, you don’t want any residue of conditioner remaining as this will make your hair appear dull and lank. You can try using cold water to do your final rinse as this will help to close the hair follicles and give your hair a smoother look.

8. Towel dry your hair by patting rather than rubbing. Rubbing your hair is bad for it and makes it more tangled and harder to manage too. Now you are ready to dry!

Which products should I use?

Artesana has a range of natural hair products which will leave your hair in fabulous condition.

Natural Hair Refresh Shampoo

Suitable for normal or oily hair, give your hair a natural boost of freshness with this 100% natural shampoo. Look forward to fragrant clean hair that lasts and lasts.

Natural Hair Nutrient Conditioning Cream

This is a natural intensive conditioner which will help hair feel soft, sleek and manageable. Bursting with natural ingredients including 100% essential oils, Argan oil and Macademia Nut oils to moisturize and replenish the natural oils in your hair, this is the perfect partner to our Natural Hair Refresh Shampoo.

Organic Hair Nutrient Oil

For an extra luxurious boost to dry and damaged hair, our nutrient oil gives a deep conditioning treatment that will revitalize your hair and smooth split ends. Just a couple of drops will refresh your tired, heat damaged hair and restore it to its natural beauty.

Follow our tips and try our products to give your hair the ultimate hair washing experience, it is your crowning glory after all!

For more 100% natural organic products, check out Artesana’s website below:

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