How to Perform Facial Massage at Home

How to Perform Facial Massage at Home

At Artesana our goal is for you to love the skin you’re in. With this in mind, we’ve written this post giving you some hints and tips about facial massage.

If you have ever had a facial, then chances are you will have experienced a facial massage. Nothing beats a massage for relaxation and wellness, right? What you might not have realised is that facial massage has incredible benefits, particularly when performed on a regular basis. The stimulation from facial massage helps to bring oxygen to the skin’s surface, and an increase in oxygen will make your skin look healthier. That’s where your natural glow comes from!

Facial Massage Technique

All you need is your own fingertips and a good quality oil or serum. We recommend our very own Youthful Collagen Serum or our Resveratrol Peptide Serum These have just the right consistency for massage and a range of ingredients that bring additional benefits.

1. Your face should be clear and cleansed of all makeup.

2. Take a small amount of oil or serum and rub it between your fingers.

3. Start at the forehead and use small circular movements from the brow line up to the hair line.

4. Gradually ease your fingers down either side of the eyes (avoiding the eye area) towards the cheek bones and cheeks, change from circular motions to longer sweeping motions.

5. Continuing with longer sweeping motions move towards the nose area and out towards the edge of the face, repeat this action a few times.

6. Steadily move towards the chin area, now using small circular movements.

7. Move down the neck with long and sweeping movements working from the jawline down to the base of the neck.

If your skin is feeling particularly puffy, then you can use tapping motions rather than massage.

Practising this facial massage for a couple of minutes a day will lead to firmer skin and a more youthful look. It really is a facelift from your fingertips!

Eye Massage Technique

You should exclude the eye area from your full facial massage, as the eye area is more sensitive and needs to be treated in a more delicate fashion. We recommend our Redefining Eye Oil which will give your eyes the perfect pamper!

1. The eye area should be cleansed of all makeup.

2. Apply a pea-sized amount of eye cream or oil to the ring fingers and rub together.

3. Using your ring fingers dab the cream/oil along the eye socket bone under your eyes. The ring fingers are ideal as they apply just the right amount of pressure.

4. Using very light movements (taking care not to drag the skin) move around the eye socket area, starting at the inner part of the eye and massaging in a small and light circular motion towards the brow bone.

5. You could also use light tapping movements if you don’t want to apply too much pressure.

6. Repeat circling both eyes between 10-20 times for optimum effect. You can apply a slightly firmer pressure around the brow bone and across the bridge of the nose.

7. Massage any excess product into the temples.

So there you have two very simple facial massage techniques which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a firmer, fresher appearance. As with all things beauty, consistency is key, so the more you practise your facial massage skills, the better the results will be.

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