How to Improve Your Skin with a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Improve Your Skin With a Healthy Lifestyle

In our modern world, it’s hard to ignore the links between the condition of your skin and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t particularly happy with your skin, then rest assured that there are a number of simple things you can do to improve condition and tone.


At Artesana we talk about hydration a lot. The busy nature of modern day life means that we don’t always get the fluids that we need into our body. Experts say that you should aim for 8 glasses of fluid per day (10 for men). Fluids can include water, juices and hot drinks, but be careful because tea and coffee can also have a diuretic effect, removing much needed fluids from your body.

Increasing your fluid intake is a must because your body needs these fluids to flush out toxins and unnecessary by-products. Getting rid of toxins in the body will improve the state of your skin, making it clearer and less prone to breakouts. Some say that becoming more hydrated will also keep wrinkles at bay, but the science is yet to prove this. We think that keeping up your hydration levels each day certainly won’t do any harm, how could you add more water to your day?

Eating Well

A balanced diet is essential, not only for your overall health, but also for that of your skin. Eating the right foods will give your skin a broad range of nutrients and minerals which will contribute to its general softness, tone and elasticity.

Many experts believe that a diverse diet which includes a range of all the different food areas is the best approach. The advice is to eat a little of everything in moderation, although the current recommendation is to eat multiple portions of fruit and vegetables each day, with the emphasis on vegetables over fruit. Cut down on fatty and processed foods and keep alcohol to a minimum. This certainly is a case of ‘You are what you eat’ and a healthier diet will show in your skin sooner than you think!


We all know that exercise has many benefits, but did you know that just 30 minutes of exercise a few times a week could do wonders for your skin? It doesn’t even have to be anything super-strenuous, experts say that taking a walk on a regular basis can be just as good as going for a run or having a swim. The important thing is to keep moving your body consistently.

Exercise naturally increases blood flow, which has huge benefits to your skin. It carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin which is the equivalent of a body cleanse on the inside, and also helps to remove toxins. Why not work out an exercise plan and see how adding some movement to your day will help your skin to glow?

Note: if you have any chronic skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis, it may be a good idea to consult a medical professional prior to starting an exercise regime.

Stress Relief

It’s very hard to avoid stress in this busy world we live in. Unfortunately stress not only has a detrimental effect on your body, but it may also affect your skin too. Stress produces the hormone Cortisol which leads to an increase in oil production, and therefore more breakouts. Cortisol is also responsible for a reduction in the turnover of skin cells, leaving your skin looking grey and dull. Cortisol also affects the production of collagen which over time can lead to a loss of elasticity and leave your skin looking saggy which can make you look older.

Try not to take on too much; work and family commitments can bring huge responsibility with them, so stay organized and ensure that you have some down-time scheduled. Meditation can be incredibly useful for stress, combined with regular exercise and a good night’s sleep you should have your stress under control in no time.


We have more struggles with sleep than ever before. Our stressful and busy lives can impact on the amount of sleep we get each night. Technology also has a part to play and sadly having a quick glance at your phone can do more harm than good at bedtime. You might wonder why sleep has such a beneficial effect on your skin? Like some of the other things we have mentioned in this post, sleep helps to increase blood flow to your skin. As we have learnt blood flow is crucial as it keeps your skin looking healthy and glowing during the day. It stands to reason that if you are getting quality sleep, your skin will look brighter, so make sure you are getting enough. We all need different amounts of sleep, but the general rule is around 8 hours a night.


We all know that excessive exposure to the sun can really damage your skin, so you should wear sunscreen every time you are outside. On sunny days, try to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day and wear a hat. Experts say that we should even be wearing a low sunscreen (such as Factor 15 SPF) on dull days. It pays to get into the habit of incorporating sunscreen into your daily skin routine as exposure to the sun dries our skin which leads to wrinkles and general aging. Not to mention the risks of skin cancer!

At Artesana we think that making these simple changes towards living a more healthy lifestyle will soon lead to an improvement in your skin. Each recommendation is easy to implement and the benefits will soon speak for themselves! Here’s to a happier, healthier, younger-looking you!

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