How to Adapt Your Skincare for Warmer Weather

How to Adapt Your Skincare for Warmer Weather

The days are passing by at speed and Spring is fully on its way. Before we know it our thoughts will turn to Summer and all the fun and sun that brings. However, do you know that with the change in the season, you really should be adapting your skincare routine? Here’s why and how.

As the weather turns warmer, we wear less clothing to cope with increased temperatures. The first thing we need to think about is preparing our skin for more exposure during this period. During the winter we have been covered up in warm clothes, we’ve possibly exposed our bodies to the artificial temperatures and dryness of indoor heating and we’ve not had the rejuvenating effect of a little sunshine on our bodies. This can only mean one thing, our skin may be dry and in need of a little exfoliation!

Exfoliating your skin means that you use a scrub or a brush to get rid of dead skin cells, it will brighten your skin and make it look in tip-top condition. Once you’ve got rid of all of the dead skin, then you will need to ensure that you moisturize well and continue to do so throughout the warmer months.

As the days become lighter then so should our skincare products, we don’t need the heavy products of winter and we can definitely lighten up on our moisturizer. This doesn’t mean that it should be any less effective, just that combined with the heat of the summer, lighter products sit better on your skin. In addition to this we also need to make sure we wear sunscreen every day. We all know how dangerous too much exposure to the sun can be, and from a vanity perspective excessive sun exposure dries our skin, gives us wrinkles and puts us at risk of premature aging.

With this in mind, Artesana has created a 2 in 1 Day and Suncream which covers both areas; providing an effective moisturizer with added protection from the sun. Rather than adding harmful chemicals we use non-nano Zinc Oxide which protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays. So the beauty of this product is that it is 100% natural, meaning that it’s not only good for your skin, it’s good for your health too!

You can use this cream as a daily moisturizer each morning, secure in the knowledge that you have your sun protection taken care of.

So, that’s your face covered, but what about your body? Well for the rest of you we have developed our combined Organic Repellent and Sun Lotion. This is a great repellent against mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and flies which also makes sure that your skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Always make sure you apply your sunscreen about 15 minutes before you go into the sun. As with all of our products, this is 100% organic and perfectly created to work in harmony with your skin.

Whilst we know that the change in the season means that the sun may dry out our skin, the additional heat can make your skin oily and this can lead to breakouts. The use of sunscreen and additional sweat created by the heat creates this oiliness. The way to combat this is to make sure that you don’t skimp on your cleansing routine. A deep cleanse is all important to keep those annoying breakouts at bay. Once a week use our Rose Anti-Age Mask for the ultimate deep cleansing experience. It contains a blend of plant-based ingredients and vitamins which will leave your skin feeling deeply refreshed and squeaky clean.

So here is a summary of ways to adjust your skincare routine as the seasons change:

  • Exfoliate well after the cold winter months

  • Cleanse deeply to avoid breakouts

  • Choose a lighter moisturizer

  • Always apply sunscreen.

For further products from our Artesana Natural Skincare range, why not check out our website:

Images courtesy of Canva and Unsplash.

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