We source ingredients from all around the world, including:

  • South Africa - we can gain an abundance of wild harvest produce, while supporting the tribes and economy under the Fair Trade programme;
  • Germany and France – we source high quality ingredients from local farms with worldwide-recognized organic certification;
  • North America – we use a variety of ingredients, derived and produced from natural, plant-based or earth-based raw materials.


Artesana’s first creation was The Amazing Salves, inspired by the Christian hymn Amazing Grace.  As a memorial to and in honor of God, I was inspired to make a handmade salve.  With the help of the salve, He blessed and healed a four-month old baby suffering from eczema.  After receiving a parent testimonial from a grateful parent, and by the Grace of God, Artesana was born.



"what ingredients do we use?

Only cold-pressed, plant-based oils are used. Cold-pressed oil is oil produced through a combination of grinding and low heat. With the cold-pressed method, the flavour, nutritional value and colour can be preserved. All oils used are strictly chemical-free processed. No animal oils are used.