Artesana- A Spanish word meaning craftswoman – a person who makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods.
We make all our products by hand in Hong Kong, using the highest quality ingredients, and ensuring natural authenticity is key in our production processes.
Only the finest ingredients are used. All our products are handmade with love, used by family members, even before Artesana was born.  We set ourselves apart from others by the authenticity and trustworthiness of the ALL NATURAL ingredients used.
No chemical preservatives.  100% biodegradable.  No added perfume.  No petrolatum.  Made with love and integrity – no lies, no gimmicks.


Cold-pressed oil is oil produced through a combination of grinding and low heat. With the cold-pressed method, the flavour, nutritional value and colour can be preserved. All oils used are strictly chemical-free processed. No animal oils are used.
We purchase raw materials certificated by Eco-cert, UK Soil Association, Non-GMO project, USDA Organic and prefer those who participate in the Fair Trade programme. However, we also source from the wild harvest, where the soil is not farmed in the sequence progression and is free from pollution.
All of our ingredients and products are not tested on animals.  (They are, however, tested on family members and close friends).  We are big supporters of cruelty-free products.